Rules 2019


Terms and conditions:

– A medical certificate or any european valid federation affiliation and a valid ID card or passport are mandatory.

– Minors under the age of 16 cannot participate in any race or category.

– Minors over the age of 16 will be allowed to enter a race with the written consent of a parent or a legal guardian.

– Riders must possess a personal liability insurance, which covers every race accident or incident that riders may be involved in. Race organization denies responsibility for any damage, material or physical, that may happen during the race.

– Riders are held responsible for the mastery and control of their own bicycle.

– Riders are held responsible for the state of their equipment. Every failure to elementary rules will result in an exclusion.

– Riders must arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of their race.

– Riders must start in the correct position on the starting grid. Riders are held responsible for the knowledge of their own position.

– Riders must position their front tire on the starting mark.

– Once they are set, riders must not leave their position until the start of the race.
– Riders must start with one foot on the ground.

– Riders are not allowed to lean against or take support on other riders or safety barriers.

– After the end of the race, riders must leave in a safe and controlled manner (signs will mark the exits).

– The race director, the leading motorcycle or race officials can notify riders of their obligation to leave the circuit.

– Riders who do not comply with such a notification will be disqualified and penalized.

– All riders must remain calm and cooperate with race officials at all times.

– Riders involved in an incident must leave the circuit in a quickly manner. It is up to race officials to decide whether they can take part in the race again.

– Riders in need of medical assistance will not be allowed to take part in the race.

– Riders’ support teams cannot assist riders on the circuit.

– A podium ceremony will be held right after the end of the men’s race.

– Riders who are late or do not attend the podium ceremony automatically lose their prize.

– Riders are not allowed to bring their bikes to the podium.

Fixed gear rules:

– A track bike with a drop handlebar is mandatory in the fixed gear category.

– Timing chip mandatory (provided by race organization when checking in).

– The bib number is to be placed on the back of each rider, and the frame plate is mandatory (provided by race organization when checking in).

– Bicycle helmet mandatory (compliant with EU norms).

– Wheels with traditional spokes mandatory.

– Automatic pedals mandatory. (no flat / no strap)

– Brakes are forbidden in this category.

– On-board cameras mounted on bikes are allowed (as long as the fastening system is deemed viable).

– Cameras mounted on riders are not allowed.

– Lights and reflectors are forbidden.

– Conversions from race bikes to track bikes are forbidden.

– Lock-ring is mandatory.

– Headphones are forbidden.

– Sleeveless jerseys are forbidden.

– Jersey and bib shorts combination or aerosuits are mandatory.

– Handlebars are to be covered with bar tape and blocked.

– Riders are not allowed to wear jerseys or suits from other competitions or cycling events.

– All unnecessary loads (i.e. food, bidons, bottle cages, bags…) are forbidden in the limit of one small bidon and one properly attached cage.

– Side skidding is forbidden.

–Trackstand is not allowed.


Failure to comply with the rules or elementary security requirements will be met with a disqualification without the possibility of a reimbursement of registration fees.
Riders who are late or miss the start of race will be disqualified without the possibility of a reimbursement of registration fees.
It is up to race officials to determine any failure to comply with rules or requirements. They are the only ones who can determine whether a rider or a team can take part in the race. Their decision is final and without appeal.

These rules apply to every rider, without any exception.


– The Brussels City Crit may include imperfect circuit surfaces (e.g. cobbles). 25 or 28c tires are recommended.

– Fixed gear riders have to be aware that there is an extremely tight  180° turn at one point, the choice of the gear bracket must be done wisely to be abble to slow down in good conditions.

– Tubular tires must be properly glued.

– All bike components must be in a proper mechanical state.

– The powertrain (e.g. chain, chainring, gear, pedals…) must be in a perfect mechanical state.

– Riders must always make sure that their timing chip is properly installed.

– The rear wheel must be held fully by the rear dropout.  If this requirement is not met, chain length must be reduced (and make sure that the rear wheel is properly tight).

Riders will have access to a free mechanical check-up stand provided by Shimano.